Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pre-primary Education is Key for Future Learning

Pre-primary education builds the base for future learning and therefore, the teaching methods employed help young children to take the first step towards the formal education. Explained below few reasons why the children should be provided pre primary education-
  •  Preparing the children for future school and higher education as this builds the base for the future education.
  •  It helps the child to express his/her innate skills and that develops his/her personality. Thus it leaves a positive impact on the child overall growth.
  • They get the exposure of their creative side with the participation in various activities and thus it leaves an impact on the personality in the most natural way.
  • The child learns to interact with peers and adjust to the real life situations in a classroom. Thus he/she finds a life outside the closed door of his/her home. This is the first step in gaining independence for the kids.
  •  Pre Primary education targeting all kids from age group of 3 to 5 before they start their primary level education. This stage of learning is to introduce them to the school-type learning environment. This only covers three vital years of a child’s life. With the completion of this stage the kids continue with the education to the next level called the primary education.

Research has been conducted which revealed that pre primary education is absolutely necessary to develop a strong base for the primary level of education. They become more confident and independent which help in their overall growth and development.
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Since this is the first exposure to the outside world being separated from the comfort zone of their home. So the school ambience must be comfortable where the kids would feel at home, a place with adequate materials to keep them engaged and they feel the warm and secured just as they feel with their parents. Herein for the first time he/she learns about their names along with the names of things and friends. The kids learn to interact with their teacher and also among themselves and the teacher. The skills and knowledge developed during this phase have huge impact on the child aptitude and attitude later in his/her life.
Children learn a great deal in preschool. The importance is given on the cognitive development of the child as learning is mostly through practice and interaction in a big group. Social interaction is the prime motive of a preschool classroom. They slowly but steadily learn to mix and mingle with the children of their own age under supervision of a teacher. Drawing with the help of colours, playing with mud, writing on the board help in motor development of the children and thus the children are prepared for the formal schools. All these activities are performed under the direction of a teacher who is qualified and trained in handling young learners’ with efficiency.
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Pre primary teacher are trained in early childhood education and instruct using different methods like storytelling, playing and art. Working with kids is most challenging and tolerance and sympathy are the most essential qualities needed to work with kids and their parents. Creating a friendly atmosphere is absolutely necessary to generate interest among kids to attain goals and all these qualities can be obtained through a proper training in an institute. A working knowledge through observed teaching practice during training session is of absolute necessity but along with this you must have the passion for teaching, love for kids and the rest you can gain over time. Over years pre primary education has been given utmost importance in our country. Ample number of institutes has mushroomed over the years and all you need to do is choose that suits you well both in terms of curriculum and fee. The certification must have global acceptance for a brighter future in teaching.


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