Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Living and Working in Thailand as an EFL Teacher

TEFL course Thailand fulfils your dream of travelling abroad with a job to cater to your monetary need. But while you travel places especially in regions of exotic Thailand you must keep yourself updated with the culture and living standards. This will help you to be in sync with the trends and the people precisely the students’ mind set.
When you will enter an ESL classroom you will get acquainted with cultural diversity, variety of language and taste and habits. The teacher must know how to generate interest in the classroom and make them listen to him or her. Another important aspect is that some of the students are quick learners when individual attention is given while some achieve best when put in a group of few members. Understanding their needs the teacher should take up relevant activities.

An EFL teacher’s job is also to manage classroom wherein some students are fast learners while some take a lot of time in understanding or adapting a language. In this situation based on the level of the students, break the learning task. For students weak in understanding the emphasis should be given on their communication and gradually on the grammatical aspects. While fast learners must be put across various task mostly to check their grammatical knowledge and linguistic skills.
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In an atmosphere of immense diversity the TEFL teacher must act confidently. Seemingly he/she must know everything about managing class and must upgrade oneself with new changes of the language.
Living and working in Thailand as TEFL Teacher is going to be smooth and easy provided you are fully aware of the situations beforehand. Here are some insights on the Thai culture and living standards that will help you with an understanding-
  • Almost 68 million people are living in Thailand. Apart from demographic minorities there are Sino-Thai (Thai- Chinese) community living in Thailand mainly in Bangkok. This mixed breed of population are highly accommodating to outsiders or visitors.
  • Thai is the official language of all people in Thailand. It is a mandatory subject of learning for all school children. The tourism industry has people who can speak fluent English yet older population, both the urban and rural population rely on their own language. So while you are preparing to relocate to Thailand consider attending a Thai class.
  • Thailand’s economy is going through transition. In October 2011 it saw a downfall due to flood and after a huge gap, again in the year 2015 it finally showed the signs of recovery. Since a larger portion of the population is involved in the agricultural sector, teaching scope is huge in the rural sector. Herein, complete support for accommodation of the teachers is given by the school authorities. And the people are over enthusiastic to send their kids to school.
  • There are certain labour restrictions on foreign workers or employees, of which you should be aware before you start working in Thailand. According to Foreign Business Act, outsiders should not be working in Thailand’s any sector of employment as office assistants. Though teaching gets clearance and considered as a lucrative sector having adequate pay package. So while you are teaching if you get any offer to earn an extra with any construction company or elsewhere, avoid doing so.
  • Work Visas for Thailand is also another important aspect. Make sure you have signed employment contact and a B visa that includes work permit. These are the basic necessities of living in Thailand and working legally.
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As mentioned above, you should keep these few things in mind when you decide to start living and working in Thailand. An online TEFL course could be your ticket to move to Thailand and fulfil your dream of teaching in a place where education is at a challenging condition when it comes to its socio-economic-political conditions.


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